Business Coaching: 100 Points Theory

I was marveling at this business consultant’s mad Excel skills as he magically made the machine do the math for me the other day.

“100 points theory,” he said.

“Huh?” I said, thinking he was expounding on the over-my-head nuances of Excel sheets and accounting.

“Everyone is born with 100 points, but not the same 100 points. I didn’t get many hair points (he pointed to his balding scalp), but I got a lot of Excel points,” he explained.

I kind of like this theory and have been thinking about it a lot lately. Especially in regards to what we expect of ourselves as people and how we can better parent our children.

It’s pretty easy to look over at the bald business consultant’s 100 points and think, “Why couldn’t God have given me a couple of badass Excel and Quickbooks points?”

Likely, there are plenty of people who look at me and say, “I wish I had her hair points or her prolific writing points.”

Seriously. On any given day you can find millions of people who are wishing they got someone else’s points.

That’s just a waste of time though. Everybody gets 100 points. That’s fair. As fair as any theory I’ve heard about why some people are born with money and others in poverty. Why some people are born stunning looking and others only average. Why some people have to count calories and work out vigorously everyday, while others stay thin no matter what. Why some people skate through life socially, while others struggle terribly.

100 points. Everybody gets them. They are just different points.

As parents, I think the best strategy is to focus on the points we do get and make them count. To focus on the points our kids got, and help them learn to really make them count.

It’s a huge mistake to expect that a different set of points might have made us happier.

Far wiser is to say, Hey, you did pretty good in the points department. You got 20 of these and 50 of these and 5 of those, 10 of that, 10 that will come in handy for this, and 5 of them you haven’t yet discovered. They’re yours and they are all you need to make a go of it in this life. They’re really, the perfect combination of points to bring you health, wealth, happiness and wholeness in this life. Use them well.

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