Your Mama! @momsrising #mothersday

A: My mom is so nice that the Purple People Eaters won’t even eat her.
A: My mom is so smart that she can even get three articles done in one day!
Z: My mom is so nice that she won’t even be mean to my dog when I’m at school.
Z: Mom, can you make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
A: Mom, can you look up Purple People Eaters to see if they’re real?
Z: MOM, peanut butter and jelly!
A: Mom! Purple People Eaters aren’t real. Their cartoons. I’m not scared any more.
Z: MOM! Peanut . . .
MOM: What!?!?! Don’t ask me again!

Enjoy the 2012 video Mother’s Day Card from Mom’s Rising.

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