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The Structure of Creativity Writing Coaching

Tracee has dedicated her life to the craft of writing. While it’s true that she has a gift with words, it is the discipline, structure and dogged persistence that has allowed her to turn that gift into a profit. Without these qualities and habits talent is wasted and your story never sees the light of day. Stories untold are tragic.

A story or a message lives in so many brilliant and talented light-bringers. At Sioux Ink our goal is to help you birth your story into the world so that others may learn and benefit from your wisdom and experience.

Many authors need coaching in the art and craft of writing. They need someone to help them hone their writing skills and flex their word muscles and earn some writing chops.

  • Two coaching sessions per month: Authors will meet with Tracee via telephone for handholding, accountability and writing instruction.
  • Structure of Creativity: Creativity is not a free-for-all. When you create a do-able structure in which your creativity can flourish you train your brain to deliver inspiration on time every time. We will create a structure that fits into your daily life, which will feed your creativity.
  • Editing Pages: Between sessions Tracee will read and edit your pages and give you creative notes so that your book progresses in an organized, stylistic and grammatically correct manner.
  • Creative Blocks: We will devise methods that will allow your brain to access creative vortexes within, allowing you access to a brilliance you never knew you had.
  • Messages Loud and Clear: No book is good unless the message has clarity and focus. Often authors get carried away and drift when they work. So many of my clients are working at a Masters Level, and they find it very challenging to step back to a Beginners Level when writing and teaching. We’ll help you bring the language to the average reader.
  • Fear & Loathing to Faith and Love: Unless you’re a super human you’re going to have bouts of fear and loathing in the writing process. We will work on managing your fear. Eventually your surges of faith overshadow your doubts of fear and loathing.
  • Art: All writing, even non-fiction writing, should be art. You’ll learn how to take a more creative approach to even the dullest topic.


Time Sex eCourse: Author will receive the four-part Time Sex Video Course, which will transform the way you live time.

Soul v. Ego Smackdown eCourse: Author will receive an audio and a video course which will help you tap into the writer within.

Quality Matters

At Sioux Ink we take the craft and art of writing very seriously. As such we only accept work that we believe is good enough to put our branding on and claim as our own. Our standards are high. This is valuable to you, as an author, because you will be assured that your work is of good quality in information, structure, grammar, content and context. We will do our best to work with authors to make their work as readable and marketable as possible. We value the expertise and gift of our authors, and diligently bring their work to a high standard.

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