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My husband and I declared date night and thought it would be an extra-special treat to spring for dinner and a movie. We couldn’t even remember the last time we went to a movie together.

We didn’t have many choices, so I caved to Watchmen. Supposed to be about super-heroes he said. There were girl/women super-heroes so I was interested.

Guess what happens to the girl super-heroes? Violently raped and beaten by one of the a-hole male super-heroes. Another female super-hero was violently raped and beaten and then murdered by pornographers, but “she deserved it because of her whorish-lifestyle.” At least I think that’s what happened, it was cryptic and I had my eyes closed and my ears plugged to avoid ingesting more violent rape of women on-screen.

In fact, most the super-heroes were really violent, angry, mean, cruel, heartless murderer-slash-rapists who dressed up in costume to commit their crimes and yet kept talking about how they were “saving the world.” Huh?

About half-way through the movie one of the super-heroes shoots a Vietnamese woman he impregnated. She asks him to acknowledge his coming child and refuses to disappear so he shoots her in cold blood. Kills his own unborn child and its mother. He’s remorseless.

“This movie should be called ‘Plotless Gratuitous Violence,'” I muttered.

“Want to sneak out and go see Madea?” my husband suggested.

“Yeah, that will be funny and light. It’s PG-13. Tyler Perry’s funny,” I say.

I sit through another preview – ears plugged eyes slammed shut –  so horrifically violent that even my husband closes his eyes so as not to take in a graphically violent depiction of Satan and evil spirits torturing and killing an entire family.

Aside from the pot-smoking uncle and the wanton criminal behavior of Madea it’s almost appropriate for 13-year-olds, you know, if they are 25-year-olds.

Then there I am – plugging my ears and smashing my eyelids together – trying to avoid ingesting yet another very graphic, long violent rape and beating of a woman. Tyler Perry takes 13-year-olds (and the rest of us) through an examination of prostitution, how a smart college girl might end up on the streets, how she might be raped and beaten into submission by a pimp (he shows us how in graphic and horrific, bloody detail). How she’ll need a Pretty Woman moment to save her.

Hysterically funny, really.

There was a 9 or 10-year-old girl, with her family, sitting right in front of us and no one bothered telling her to close her eyes and plug her ears.

I spent nearly the whole “romantic evening” with my eyes closed, shoulders hunched up, and fingernails digging into my ears to avoid taking in and internalizing the atrocities in these movies. Of course, the most violent and horrific of these atrocities were committed against girls and women. But, you know, sometimes they “deserved it” because they were “just whores.”

What the Bleep is going on in the distorted, jumbled, sick and violent minds of film-makers?

How are people watching this kind of graphic violence against women (or humans in general) as entertainment?

How desensitized have we become as human beings?

Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.

I guess that rules out the movies entirely.

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  1. that girl says:

    I’m with you honey. Although – I’m pretty equally disturbed wether it’s a woman, man, or child being raped, beaten, abused, etc. It’s EVERYWHERE. I’m sick of even renting movies – we’ve been so dissapointed and/or disturbed by the last few. I’m sick of having to send the kids out of the room when those horrible preview commercials come on tv. ick.

    It’s interesting to me though that you see this as usually towards women..and I’ve never really noticed women characters being roughed up on more than men. Could it be it’s just more disturbing? The overpowering/bully aspect?

    that girl’s last blog post..Boy-oy-oy-oy-oy-oING!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cassie says:

    Wow! Not only are these kinds of movies horrible in the message they’re sending, but as someone who has been assaulted before, it’s extremely horrifying to have to relive it when watching a stupid movie. It’s completely unnecessary and insensitive. I’m glad I know what those movies are like now so I know not to ever watch them.

    Cassie’s last blog post..WAHM Tips Any Internet Marketer Can Use

  3. Tracee Sioux says:

    Well, Ashley I’m sure anal rape of men and boys is on it’s way as our next entertainment (actually this theme showed up in the last two pieces of fiction I read and I wasn’t thrilled about it). Generally it’s women and girls getting violently raped in movies. Which an added violation to just being beaten.

    Also what is deeply disturbing about the violence against women in these films is that they make it as provocative as possible. For instance, in the science fiction movie when there were two men violently trying to kill each other they panned on a provocative image of a porno magazine several times – why? When they showed the female superhero murdered they showed her in a very provocative pose with another woman on a bed. The man was just smashed on the pavement with no added sexual component.

    They are connecting human sexuality to violence. I think it’s fundamentally disturbing for the human race to be “turned on” when witnessing violence. Usually, when men are beating and killing each other their isn’t an added sexual/sexuality connection being made with clothing and lighting, etc.

    It’s disturbing to witness violence period, I agree. I try not to take any of it in. But, it is extra-disturbing when the stronger man is committing violence against the weaker and defenseless – children and women, etc.

    Tracee Sioux’s last blog post..Wash My Brain Out With Soap

  4. Anna says:

    I normally avoid horror, or even mildly violent movies. I’m a romantic/comedy movie girl.
    Have to say what I read scares me of our kid’s future and the future of our society. Yes people get desensitize by watching something over and over. To me a PG13 movie having those scenes is an absolute destruction of the youth mind. After a while girls think this is normal to be beaten and raped and boys have no problem being violent and …
    I wish there was a way to prevent the production of these kinds of movie. Unfortunately as mentioned before you can hardly find a nice nonviolent movie these days.

    Anna’s last blog post..Motherhood Lessons: My Mom, My Mentor

  5. Cass says:

    I am actually taking a class right now called Images of Beauty, and we’re reading “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf. She writes a lot on this very topic: integrating violence (primarily against females) with sex, and the damage that it does to male-female relationships and the [lack of] value that women place on themselves. I’m with you, I plug my ears and close my eyes…or just get up and leave. I literally have an adverse physical response to rape/molestation/assault scenes and I cannot stomach seeing them. It scares me that our society has become so apathetic to this type of violence. It has become an accepted cultural norm, and it isn’t just men that accept it, but women, too! I love this blog and I plan to share it with my classmates, friends, and family!

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