Unbelievably Fabulous

by Tracee Sioux

I’ve been afraid that if I tell you about our good fortune it will vanish. That, I just could not bear. But, maybe it’s real. Maybe God is going to let us keep this dream we’ve worked so hard for. Please God, let us keep this.

We just moved, this week, into the most marvelous and perfect Dream home.

The best part is – there are too many best parts to pick just one – is it the central air and heat which greatly improves our health?

Is it the massive 30X28 foot living room? Where Ainsley is jumping rope and Zack is actually riding his scooter and I have plenty of room to do yoga and exercise? The original parquet hard-wood floors and the vaulted lighted ceilings with a white and dark walnut beam contrast make such a cathedral effect I can’t help but pray, “Thank You, God,” when I walk into it.

Is it my own office? Giving me a legitimate and valid place to write and work?

Maybe it’s the storage space? The kitchen is brand new and has two walls of cabinets – enough space for everything.

The massive living room has wall-to-wall original 1950s build-in shelves, drawers and cabinets. I’ve always gotten lusty over shelving.

The children have their own rooms and wait for it . . . . their own bathrooms! Yes, the house has 3 bathrooms! Ah, the frivolity of it!

I’m almost at a loss for words, except that I could literally write pages and pages of gratitude for every shelf and hook and cleanly painted wall (in exactly the colors I would have chosen) and cabinet and blind and appliance and strip of new carpet.

This is better than I’ve ever had it. Even when I was praying for it, I never dared to dream it would be this marvelous.

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