Soul Path: Transformation of The Girl Revolution

I’m going through a massive transformation — it’s spiritual, it’s emotional, it’s physical, it’s psychic, it’s creative, it’s an upheaval of my soul and it’s awesome!

Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies/Women’s Wisdom, says that as women leave the hard labor years of young child birthing and nurturing and enter into their peri-menopause and near- and 40ish years they go through a massive psychic shift. They re-frame their past and go through an emotional and psychic cleanse, casting off old baggage. They renegotiate their marriages, relationships with their children and other family and friends. They venture out more ambitiously into careers and the outer world. They redefine who they are and who they want to be for the next phase of their lives. If their spouses refuse to budge, they leave. If their friends take another path, they wish them well and go on their way, forging new friendships. If their careers no longer fill their needs, they start new ones. They reap the wisdom of the first 40 years and all the pieces start to fit together and they say, “I won’t make those choices again. I learned these lessons.” Ailments start to show up to point out what’s not working for them, if they listen they get well. If they don’t, they get sicker. If they renegotiate their lives and let old things go, they flourish like never before, if they don’t they decline.

This is happening to me. I’m on a new soul path.

As such The Girl Revolution is changing. I’ve been laying off the Watch Dog role, mainly because it makes me feel angry and frustrated and I don’t want to feel angry and frustrated. So, I will pass the torch to other fabulous bloggers who are much more passionate than I am about those causes.

The Girl Revolution sometimes dips its toe into spiritual waters. I’ve had feedback from readers saying I talk about God too much or I don’t criticize religion enough. If I try to please everyone I won’t please myself. If spiritual or religious matters offend you, seek elsewhere. I will write about it. If you have a desire to read criticism of certain religions there are plenty of blogs filling that role. There are plenty of religions that do plenty of damaging things to girls and women, that’s a fact, but I don’t go to those churches and you don’t have to either. I also don’t have to put my focus on their evil deeds. That also makes me feel frustrated and angry and I don’t enjoy feeling frustrated and angry.

The Girl Revolution has spent much time delving into the ways in which girls and women have been and are being discriminated against. This will stop now. There are plenty of blogs filling this role and thus I am not needed in this capacity. I believe in Law of Attraction and gender discrimination is not something I wish to attract for myself or for my daughter or for any other girl or woman on this planet. I do not wish to ignore it when it happens, but I do not wish to focus on it either. Again, it makes me angry and frustrated and I do not choose to feel frustrated and angry. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve realized that the truth is I have not felt certain types of gender discrimination since leaving Texas. I have not felt other types of gender discrimination since the early 2000;s and it’s now 2012 and I want to let it go and believe some things have changed. Honestly, I would have preferred a little gender discrimination in my favor when I became a new mother to allow me an easier time at working and raising a family because I now realize that I DO have different priorities than the majority of fathers I know, — especially the one that lives in this house — and if that offends your sense of what equality should look like well, the numbers support my thesis.

Also the truth, I realized, is that my daughter has never experienced any real damaging gender discrimination. She is among the top of her class, always encouraged in her education and given the support she needs and desires. She is on sports teams. She is told she is pretty about as often as my son is told he is so dang cute. She is told she is smart and creative more often than my son is. He is told that he is more athletic, only because he is. The media’s gender messages effect her only as much as we allow media into our consciousness, into our home, onto our computers — it’s limited. We create more than we consume. She sees women in politics, she sees women doctors and dentists, we have women friends who own businesses and are professionals and we know stay-at-home-moms and her grandma is a minister and yes, one of our friends is also a beautician who wears mini-skirts and sits in hot tubs drinking mojitos quite often and we don’t think she sold herself short, we think she’s a business owner who made choices that work for her. I don’t believe my daughter has any reason to expect gender discrimination. She is not raised in a family or church that tells her to bow down to men. She is expected to go to college. She is encouraged to pursue her passions and dream big by everyone around her.

So what am I “fighting” for? What am I spending my energy pushing against? The past. My past experiences that are over now. I have already won. The joy is already mine. I am just going to proceed, look forward and rejoice.

So, what will The Girl Revolution transform into? A lot of major things are in the works that I’m not at liberty to discuss at the present moment. But, they are extraordinarily transformative. If you are meant to, you will travel with me. If your needs are better served elsewhere, I wish you safe travels and a life full of abundance and joy.

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at  She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at

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