These Naked Ladies Look Just Like YOU! (You're HOT!)

Remember when Glamour Magazine ran a photo of Lizzy Miller?


Glamour got such a positive response they are running an entire feature story on “plus-sized” women, These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size.

(Yeah, yeah, how dare they call a size 8 “plus-sized” – but in modeleeze, we’re all a plus size and you gotta start somewhere.) The Editor addresses this issue here: On the C.L.: Are You Ready to Start a Body Image Revolution? Oh, Wait–You Already Did!
Here’s a mini-lesson in Capitalism: Glamour runs a photo of one of us. We feel good about seeing someone like us – instead of the usual size zero model – so we go to the site and answer a survey telling them how much we love it. They pair up with Dove, also a company which has tuned into our being disgusted with being marketed to in the traditional size four impossible kind-of-way, who agrees to sponsor a feature story with larger models.

Then we see 7 women, a whole group,  who look . . . REAL.

Beautiful. Lovely. Interesting. Exotic. Glamourous. Stunning. Good Enough.


And we go, “Hey I like this. I want to see more of this. Those women DO look like me and they are obviously hot, so maybe I am hot. I feel a little better about myself now.”

Okay, so here’s the capitalism part: when you go to Glamour Magazine and you answer the Glamour/Dove survey that will pop up, and leave a comment expressing how much you enjoy this type of story and this version of advertising for beauty products . . .

They realize they can sell more magazines and soap with this approach – so they do more of it. T

They make more money. We feel better about our selves.

Capitalism is somewhat like training a toddler. We should make it simple for companies to market to us, women and girls.

If you sexualize my daughter on your T-shirt Abercrombie/Holister: then we should let their company drown and refuse to shop there for anything. Mother Boycott.

But, if you make me and my daughter feel great about who we really are – as opposed to pressuring us to meet some famished ideal we can never achieve – then we will buy your magazines, shampoo and deodorant and recommend them to our friends.

This is how we spark an advertising and marketing Revolution.

Do not miss the slide show.

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