The Year of Yes! Following My Inner Wise Woman

I had a realization in 2012: my Soul will always get what She wants. To resist or ignore the voice of my Inner Wise Woman, the Still Small Voice, the Holy Spirit’s promptings—whatever you want to call it—will lead to unhappiness and discontent.

To listen to this Inner Wise Woman, my Soul’s cry, is to follow my Path and will lead to happiness, contentment, joy and well . . . I honestly don’t know where.

I often advise my The Year of YES! clients that their Inner Wise Woman will never, ever steer them wrong. The Inner Wise Woman’s voice, will lead them to their authentic path and She already knows how to manifest what She wants.

I listen to my Inner Wise Woman better than most, but still I attempt to reason with or resist Her. I will walk into a vitamin store and hear, Buy the Quercetin. This could happen for months, eventually I will buy it and the Voice quiets. I will hear the Voice tell me to deposit more money in my account than I had planned, I’ll reason that I had intended something else for the funds and won’t deposit it. Almost immediately I’ll order something online or pay a bill and it will be withdrawn from the wrong account, costing me $30 in fees. I hear don’t answer it when my phone rings, I answer it anyway and immediately drop and shatter my iPhone. Something which occurs only after ignoring the Voice’s warning to buy an Otter Box for many months.

For many years my Inner Wise Woman demanded, I want a divorce! She was not getting anything She wanted or needed from the 12 year marriage. She insisted for many, many years. Finally, last year I divorced and everything I was afraid of—financial destitution, irrevocably damaged children—turned out to be completely untrue. Even better, the pain I had carried over my heart for a decade vanished within months. My life opened up. My future became ripe with possibility. My Soul, I realized, will always get what She wants and She knows how to get there.

As 2013 approached I began reevaluating where I expected my life to go. And wondering what my Soul had planned that may conflict with my own desires and intentions. I got very still and quiet so I could hear Her. Had my Soul created spiritual contracts prior to this human experience that I had to complete? Did my Soul have bigger dreams She wanted to manifest, bigger even than the ones I think I have?

What if I got quiet enough to hear Her with clarity and simply said Yes when prompted to take action? What if I didn’t reason, argue, resist or ignore Her Voice—even if I don’t know what the outcome will be. Where would She lead me?

So I’ve committed. 2013 will be the The Year of Yes! I don’t know the outcome of this story. I have no idea where this will lead. I know where I’d like to eventually end up. At least I think I do. But, maybe, just maybe, my Inner Wise Woman has bigger plans for me than my own poor, limited thinking. As they say, God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can for yourself. And ultimately I believe that my Inner Wise Woman is truly the voice of my Soul and God combined, to help me reach my highest good.

So I embark on a journey in which I have no idea of the destination. It’s an act of faith and optimism. I’m curious and excited to begin. I’m only 21 days into 2013 and my Soul has manifested some incredible things I had not envisioned for myself only one week ago, including a spiritual travel column for a magazine.

Tracee Sioux is an Authentic Power Coach, author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories; and she blogs at Contact her at

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