The Optimized Woman

There are times during the month when women naturally feel a pull inward.

If we fight it – we end up feeling like crap.

If we don’t, maybe we feel lazy or guilty.

There are other times during the month when women naturally feel like they can run 10 miles, get everything in the world done, conquer new projects and kick-ass at everything.

I’m guessing most of like those times the best. I do.

I’m reading this book by Miranda Gray, The Optimized Woman.

It’s the only book I’ve read that describes these shifts in mood and abilities as a secret super-power that only women possess.

It describes the woman’s feminine monthly cycle in terms of Creativity, Reflective, Dynamic and Expressive Phases. It outlines the phases and shows women how to best use this cyclic nature as an invaluable resource to become their most productive.

I am so glad I found this book before my own daughter starts her period. I can only imagine how much more relaxed and enjoyable my own cyclic nature might have been had I found this book as a teen. Or if I had heard a different message than the one constantly promoted in “dirty vagina marketing” – otherwise known as the sale of tampons, douches, pads, Midol and other PMS medications, feminine sprays and wipes.

I highly recommend this perspective on our natural abilities, innate to us as women. It’s an interesting experiment in a shift of perception.

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