The Difference Between Men & Women


In Golf Magazine’s self-proclaimed “Greatest Survey Ever,” 21% of men say they could beat Tiger Woods.

Twenty-one percent of male golfers believe they are better than the best golfer in the world. Better than a gifted prodigy.

Do they have to be better golfers than Tiger to believe it? No.

Do they have to prove they are better golfers than Tiger to believe it? No.

They just get to feel awesome about themselves every time they think the thought, “I could beat Tiger because I am an exceptional golfer.”

If golfing is to men what beauty or body image is to women, tell me how many women would you estimate believe they are sexier or more beautiful than Angelina Jolie?(chosen because she received 58% of the vote in a Vanity Fair survey.)

How many girls believe they are better performers, singers or more beautiful than Hannah Montana?

I’m confident the percentage would be nearer to zero than twenty-one.

Who do you think feels better about themselves? The man who thinks the thought, “I could beat Tiger because I’m a great golfer,” or the women who think, “I could never look as beautiful as Angelina Jolie,” or “I’ll never measure up to Hannah Montana” or “I’d be happy if I was just a size 0 like Kate Moss?” The answer is obvious.

Even the most beautiful women in the world are self-deprecating about their own skills, talents, looks, etc. I’ve seen them trash themselves on Oprah. Oprah herself is self-deprecating as hell about her body. If you’re arguably the richest, most powerful woman in the world, shouldn’t you be allowed to feel good about yourself even though you’re rocking a size 16?

Men are not self-deprecating. Perhaps that is why they hold more public office and higher positions in business. Who wants to elect, hire or promote someone who believes the size of their thighs determines their worth, or who believes the other candidate is better looking and more qualified than they are?

Self-deprecation doesn’t serve us. It’s not getting us where we want to go.

The next time you look in the mirror realize you’re making a choice: to self-deprecate or self-appreciate.

Choose the thought that makes you feel good, instead of the thought that makes you feel bad.

Like those delusional golfers, you don’t have to prove you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, but the only person stopping you from feeling like you are is you.

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