The Business of Being Born

I find it very interesting how the health care money making machine has instilled fear, and guilt into women’s feminine power to give life, thus making us believe we aren’t capable of giving birth without the machine.

The Business of Being Born is an amazing documentary look at birth in America. It addresses the fact that childbirth in America has turned into a corporate business machine leaving us with one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world. This film also probes the reasons why women in America feel they must deliver in a hospital setting with massive, and often life threatening, interventions. Birth is not a disease, but somehow (primarily male) Dr.’s have convinced most U.S women that their body’s are not capable to the most basic of human functions…give birth. Ricky Lake and her friend Abby Epstein created a beautiful and poignant film about the power women hold, how it was taken away, and how we are slowly gaining it back.

You can watch it free on Netflix, and see the trailer at The Business of Being Born.

Thanks to Jen Lea from Jlogged for the post.

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