Thanksgiving Miracle & That Time I Had to Call Boulder Brad

IMG_0208Did I ever tell you about that time I had to call Boulder Brad? Oh yeah, he’s the ex-not-boyfriend who I got desperately love sick over in The Year of YES. And of course, I changed his name and all that before I wrote about him—wrote about him like, embarrassingly and pathetically, a lot—in my book.

Then I start getting a bunch of Facebook friend requests. And I didn’t think much about it. Until one of my Kindle readers, a lovely woman who I am grateful beyond belief to, emails me and says, “Hey did you know that there’s a link going to this man’s real Facebook page? I didn’t think you’d mean for that to happen.”

And I shat my pants.

And immediately unpublished the book.

And it was some sort of totally freak thing. Because I edited the book and checked those FB links seven times. And so did my professional editor. And so did my professional marketing magician. And then I did again twice more.

And those links weren’t there. They really weren’t.

So I obviously, felt I needed to call Brad personally and apologize, because I would never want him to think I had “outed” him intentionally or maliciously. I mean, I love the guy. I’m not in love with him anymore, but I love him on a deeper Soul level and I don’t want to F with his human experience and now he’s probably getting a bunch of friend requests from random people who read my book. So, yeah, this is embarrassing.

So I stared at the phone for an hour. And distracted myself for another three hours. And finally I left a voicemail asking him to call me.

And when he did I gritted my teeth and answered the phone.

And we had a lovely conversation. And he was very sweet and said that he hoped we both brought something good to each other’s lives and that he’d started listening to his intuition and following his heart more since he met me. He told me about his new girlfriend and how he’s almost ready to tell her he’s in love with her. And I’m so happy for him. Really. I wanted that for him, because I know it’s what his heart really wants. And when I told him about the FB link he didn’t care at all. I think he couldn’t even figure out why I thought it was any big deal.

So I was all, Hey, Thanks Universe. I wouldn’t have reached out to him and that was actually really lovely and hey, Soul, I noted that I didn’t feel any twinge of pain or regret or love sickness. Growth. Healing. Yay!

Then I got emails saying, hey I’m trying to promote your book and your link is broken. 

Yeah. Unpublished. Oh my god. All that work, money, energy and effort for a marketing campaign using that link. It’s impossible to correct that kind of mistake.

Of course, my marketing magician, Christie, dealt with it beautifully, negotiating with bitly and Amazon.

Finally, Amazon gave us back the original link. You can get the book for $2.99 on Black Friday (tomorrow), in celebration of my miracle.

Saved once again. The Universe is saving me a lot lately. I really like it.

Thanksgiving Miracle! May your Thanksgiving be full of them too!


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Oh, I just published another book. If you’re looking ahead to 2015, you might want to pick up the The Year of YES! #yesdare: Inspirational Journal and Calendar, it’s full of Joy-gasms.

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