Thanksgiving 2010

We cooked together while rocking out to Pandora’s Christmas station. Gotta teach the kids to cook. You know your on the right track when you lick the beater and its delicious!

If you wear sunglasses cutting the onions won’t make you cry, Ainsley decided. It didn’t really work out that way, but it was a good idea that might’ve worked. Plus it looks so cool, you might as well wear them to cut the eggs.

Two of our very favorite families moved to Colorado the same summer we did. The women were from my Texas book club. When I’m with them and I factor in that there are 50 states and millions of places to live in the world, and we all moved to the same place at the same time . . . I feel like I’m in the presence of a miracle. Straight up. Could this be a little bit of Law of Attraction at work here?

We played Cranium and lost to The Saints. We finally met our match! The little girls put up a serious fight.

Zack may definitely have serious talent with the drums. But, it’s unlikely Mom will buy him a set. It’s annoying. She’s proud, but still. . . it’s annoying.

On Black Friday we made our contribution to the economy by buying a television to replace the 1986 big screen that had been giving me a serious headache because it was so blurry. We bought a few other odds and ends and the kids gave Santa an earful. As Ainsley repeated her wish list to me, I was tallying up the numbers and it came to around $4,000. No pressure.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope yours was as blessed as ours!

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