Robert Devereaux

January 21, 2016

Fair warning: You’ve picked up a book that takes no prisoners, freeing
instead those long held captive. Circumstances can sometimes lead one to
settle, to sidetrack, to dim one’s dreams. Well, Tracee Sioux refuses to
settle, striking out instead to seize her dream and to find and fulfill a
grand purpose. Her words burn with pasion and desire. In their raging
hunger for love and money long overdue, they burst Blake’s mind-forged
manacles, again and again. This is Whitman’s barbaric yawp writ large and
new, spirited and spiritual, sexy and frank, burning off the dross and
finding love in all directions, reaching further, ever further. A year of
giving the Soul its head no matter what is an audacious premise, full of
suspense and wonder as the dregs of a highly challenging past are reforged
into a future that is the birthright of those bold enough to seize it. As
we travel through the year, the great question emerges: Will this
experiment succeed or fail, and in what ways? Just know that surprises lie
ahead and that you’re in for one hell of a ride. This is a life-changing
memoir, both for its author and for her readers, laying bare all the crap,
exposing it to the light of day. It’s an act of bravery, of risk, opening
all aspects of her life to the healing power of sunlight, moonlight,
starlight. Stepping bolding into public view with a manifesto that is part
confession, part lamentation, part declaration of independence–all of it
a grand rush of desire, demand, and inspired rallying cry.

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