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March 24, 2016

Inspiring- but go into it understanding you are reading a very personal journal.

I give the book 4 stars- averaged as 3 stars as a “book”- and 5 stars just for her- for her bravery and commitment and perseverance– and I think that should be celebrated and rewarded with stars. It also did motivate me to pay attention to similar issues in my own life.


Please NOTE: If you have a modesty trigger, If you have a work hard trigger, If you have a self effacing trigger, This book may be hard for you to read, and you may not like her- but read it anyway. So you can see an example (one example- not yours) of how to stop listening to the negative criticism in your head and to live with love and joy and be true to yourself.

If the purpose of the book in sharing it with other readers (because it IS a journal) is to inspire one’s own life, it can do that. Your soul speak may sound completely different from her’s, and that’s okay. The point is, to listen to your own soul’s voice. And to have the courage to follow it. This is definitely an important gift her journal gives- to so many people- women- who might be afraid to do the thing they know deep down they need to do, but are so afraid- that they can do it.

Some reviewers compared her to Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown (or rather, she calls herself a better writer than both of them in this book- yikes!), and granted, I have not read her previous work or blog, but please don’t go into this expecting that. This is a published journal. A journal by it’s very nature, is an egocentric processing center. A brave one too. Again, I commend her for it, and you can take her lack of modesty, research, or other story development in stride when you understand this for what it is. I also don’t want to say that with the intention of tearing her down- I think having that confidence and belief in herself is exactly what she needed, and what is helping her today. Perhaps we all need a dose of it!

I love the big spiritual component to the book- I highlighted a bunch of beautiful things to remember- including- her “Christmas wish for the world is that everyone have at least one friendship where “that’s impossible” is not allowed”. There is great stuff. Great manifesting. I would love to be this woman’s friend.

I have to say this though. I am psychotherapist. (And taking a page from her own confidence book- I’m very good at my job.) To Tracee: I know you got scared away from counseling and psychotherapy from early experiences, but I couldn’t help but see some very big plain things in your way- right in front of you- that you couldn’t seem to see. Some very big patterns that weaved throughout the book that also got in your way the most. I wanted to scream them out to you, (and yes, I did talk back to you quite a bit while reading :)) For example, you’d have a particular response to something someone told you- and how you viewed and perceived the information you received- your methodology of perception per say- was actually what was hurting you. Kind of like your own mind was getting in your own way. Perhaps you’ve already done this work by now, but we all have filters on our eyes in how we perceive the world around us. I don’t want to ruin the book for other readers of this review- so I’m just going to say- if you don’t want to go find a really good therapist to help you do the stuff that the energy and spiritual people can’t, at least go read up on Imago Therapy. Or just contact me privately and I can explain more. I did check out your website when I finished the book and noticed one of your friends is an LPC. If she’s good- listen to her! (When I say – “is she good” I mean- there are a lot of healers, counselors, etc, out there- that do a lot of work on other people based on their own projections and countertransference. You want to talk to someone that is clear on their own sh*t and knows how to recognize it, etc.)

Back to potential readers- Tracee offers a gift of herself in baring her vulnerable writings here. At some points I felt aversion, or I wanted her to be more modest, or aware of her actions’ affect on others, or she did something I didn’t think was nice to someone else, and then I would remember- she is being HONEST. We all are human. We all have a stream of thought, that when we put pen to paper all sorts of stuff can come out. Even if I got mad at her for not considering others (both that were and were not there) on the plane incident, it’s not really my place to judge is it? If I wrote about my personal doings and feelings for a year and so did you- I’m sure there would be much to be judged and disagreed with. When you read the book, she will go into moments where she writes with extreme self praise, and self confidence. I’m sure this is part of what is deterring people in reviews because as women we pull towards modesty even though we long for the power in that confidence. But to say it out loud yourself! And then publish it! For that I say she’s brave and awesome. Again, I don’t have to agree with everything of how she feels and thinks because her soul is hers, and mine is mine. And if you were my client, that is exactly how I would encourage you to write your journal as well. All of it. Especially when you can move into the place where you can find your power. Your self.

Whether or not you think she should give up her manicures and other things in lieu of financial stress, is not the point. YOUR rules, aren’t hers. And her point is, the same goes for you. And for me. Find your soul. Listen to it. Follow the instructions.

Also remember- journals are about processing. That is what you are reading. The processing. Similar to the “Writer’s Way” – and morning pages- sometimes you need to write to release stuff- and what you write isn’t forever true but it helps get out and process stuff, so you can then manifest the actual truth.

If you are feeling stuck in your life and need some inspiration, read the book! Thanks Tracee, perhaps our paths will cross someday. I appreciate your brave soul for sharing your story. Please keep us updated!! Remember- Elizabeth Gilbert told us what happened when she wrote Committed 😉

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