Super Skinny Me

Tune your DVR to watch Super Skinny Me on the BBC on Sunday at 10 pm to get the truth about what it costs to be a size 0.

Two British journalists, who had never dieted before vowed to lose 6 sizes in 6 weeks.

Two average-size British journalists, Louise Burke and Kate Spicer, agree to a radical experiment — drop five dress sizes in just five weeks. The journalists reported spiraling into depression and feeling worse than they’ve ever felt in their lives, according to this ABC News story.

It would not be a bad idea to watch this documentary with your daughter and use the opportunity to talk to her about body issues. Unless she lives under a rock, she’s not oblivious to the pressure to be thin. Certainly, my six-year-old hasn’t missed the message.

Take this opportunity to talk to her about the dangers of eating disorders and the necessity of nutrition. Talk to her about media messages and the size of super models versus normal women.

(Depending on the age of your child you may want to screen the film first to be sure there’s nothing completely inappropriate.)

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