Sticky Note Affirmations, Making Bold Dreams Come True


What do sticky notes have to do with dreaming boldly?  I propose that sticky notes can be a tool for girls to see themselves achieving milestones along their path of self actualization.  Here’s how…

Begin with a sheet of paper and colorful pens or pencils for brainstorming.   Next, spend time with your daughter discovering together her challenges, her successes, her passions, her fears, and her strengths.  When you have a list going, rephrase your brainstorming into positive statements.  For example, with the challenge of learning to swim, you might write, “I am learning to handle the feeling of water on my face, in my ears, eyes and nose.  Each time I swim I am more confident.”

Here are a few more suggestions for creating personalized affirmations:

The more I practice… (piano, soccer, multiplication tables…), the better I am getting.

I am wonderful at….

My (…mom, dad, family, teacher, coach, etc.) loves me, and so does my (…best friend, dog, sister, brother, etc.).

I’m safe and it is ok to (…sleep in my own bed, ask the teacher a question, try out for the play…).

My talent is…

I’m smart and I know I can (…ace the spelling test, say no to bad choices, figure out how to make it practice on time…).

I am saving money wisely, and I will be able to afford to….

Now you are ready for the sticky notes.  Copy your affirmations onto the notes, and stick them in places that have a context for what is written on them.  For example, you might adhere a note about gaining proficiency at playing the flute to the inside of the flute’s case.

This exercise of brainstorming, writing and formulating personalized and specific affirmations with your daughter serves many purposes.  One is to spend time together celebrating her unique mix of traits and talents, another is to bring fears into the light in a way that grows confidence and awareness.  In addition, deciding where to place the sticky notes may open new channels to creativity or help you see connections that you may not have been aware of.

The most important purpose of brainstorming and writing out affirmations goes back to the idea of what it means to get started.  Yes, your daughter may already be on a soccer team, but the intentional and specific  encouragement of the sticky note on her water bottle may cause her to notice her increasing sports  skill set rather than focusing on a win or loss of a particular game

Dreaming boldly is the best way to push the limits beyond the ordinary, and using an ordinary piece of sticky notepaper is a way to make extraordinary dreams come into existence in the lives of our daughters.  Try it and see!

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