Law of Attraction & Money: Spring Break Staycation, Frugal or Free

It’s Spring Break and we’re staying home. We live in a town where people come for vacation. The kids and I made a list of free and frugal things we want to do this week.

$2 movie matinee, Alvin and the Chipmunks Shipwrecked, ($6)

Great Plates, Fort Collins restaurants are offering breakfast and lunch deals for $2.50, ($10.50 breakfast or lunch for 3 ((don’t go to Snooze and expect this price))

School District Student Art Show (free)

Inspiration Park (free)

Thrift store ($12) – 2 pair of shoes

Dollar store ($3.20) – sunglasses and candy necklaces

Roller Skating ($12)

Swimming ($10.50)

Hiking (free)

Garage Sales (?)

Evening walk every night (free)

Puzzle, 1000 pieces, ($6)

Animal Shelter (free)

Law of Attraction and Money shows us that an entire Spring Break Vacation, with something fun to do every day, for under $100 (includes tips, gas and 3 meals).

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