SoulvEgoSmackdown eCourse

Congratulations! Your Soul thanks you for creating an intention to listen to her say what she needs to say to you. She’s so weary of trying to get your attention. She’s so proud of you for creating a new dynamic with her.

Click to get to the  Soul v. Ego Smackdown eCourse. Your password to get access YES2014.

I’m so excited about your new Soul Whispering Skills. I would just LOVE it if you would visit my Facebook page and tell me how this method went for you. What did it feel like? What did you learn?





Because you invested in your Soul’s work with this eCourse I want to honor that tremendous leap of faith and offer you one free hour of Soul coaching. That’s right. A whole hour of talking about what you learned and how you’re going to manifest your Soul’s request—even in the face of the fear you might be experiencing right now. Email me at to schedule your Soul Coaching call. And be on the lookout for the Year of YES! group coaching program I’m launching this fall. It’s going to be magical and life transforming.

On your honor, please don’t share this eCourse with others. It is the intellectual property of Tracee Sioux.

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