Slapstick Romance

Remember when Kevin make a body-centered comment to a girl he liked and didn’t understand why he got slapped in the face? Then he emailed me and asked for advice, which he brilliantly followed. Dating ensued.

Ericka, the lovely girl he insulted, then made-good with and now respectfully dates, emailed me the below Thank You note.  It’s very sweet and I just love that this is working out for them. . . Oh and if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about you can find the previous posts below.

Hi Tracee.  This is Ericka, the girl that Kevin met at the dance a while back.  I don’t know how to thank you for giving him advice.  It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy and we have a great relationship.  Lots of guys my age are jerks and I guess I assumed the worst about him when he made the “hourglass” comment.  I’m happy with my body shape but it’s really frustrating to be judged for your bra size and not your brains.  I do remember that he looked ashamed rather than angry after I slapped him and I was hoping I was wrong about him.  I was thrilled when I saw his email!  We’re having a great time and can now laugh about the first time we met.  Without your help, this might not have happened so you should feel great!  Also, I saw your blog entries covering this topic and thought they were excellent.

Thank you so much Tracee and absolutely you can publish it on your site.  Kevin is such a gentleman and I definitely see long term possibilities.  We have so much fun together.  On a funny note, he is really tall at 6’6″ and I’m a short girl at 5’2″.  I really had to get on my toes and reach in order to connect with that slap, lol.   When I looked over about a minute later, he was still standing there by himself, holding his cheek, looking dumbfounded….I knew then that he was probably a nice guy who had just made a silly mistake.  I was thrilled when I heard back from him!
Body Image Question from 17-year-old Kevin

Respect Pays Off For Kevin

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