Law of Attraction & Relationships: Sister Wives

My friend Jenny is the coolest person I know. As a writer I admire her unique ability to turn a phrase. I frequently steal choice catch phrases and claim them as my own. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so they say. Every time I’m with her I pee myself a little, from laughing, riding mechanical bulls or jumping on trampolines.

She can rock a sundress. She can decorate a home for $1.50 and it looks amazing. When she comes around I swear to God I make sure I look decent because I have to stand next to her hourglass figure in her super-trendy everything she wears. She is weight loss motivation for me.

She’s especially fun to hang out with because we both share a frugal sensibility. We spend as little as possible on some things, in order to afford other, premium things that we really want. For instance, we like to take the kids to do fun stuff for $10 so we can go Glamping (a Jennyism) to Mt. Rushmore, stay in a cabin and let the kids go horseback riding. We pack a picnic so we can buy Macbooks and iPhones. We hit the city pool on special occasions. This is so much more fun than hanging out with someone who wants to spend $100 just to hang.

Our children have grown up together and they mostly love each other. Her life as a mother is vastly harder than mine, with a special needs darling named Lucas who needs 24 hour attention. When we went Glamping last summer I realized just how 24/7 her mothering had to be, just to keep him from wandering off and falling into the lake. And though she’s exhausted much of the time, she’s also so loving with her three boys. Three Boys!

She is the modern-day superwoman, mostly out of necessity, not some manufactured need to impress. She’s an entrepreneur and a fulltime student, in addition to her fulltime single mother gig. Just talking to her about her day-to-day life is exhausting. I’m so amazed and proud of her that she’s pulling it off.

This New Year’s Eve we had a party with our kids. We went to a trampoline park and then went back to her house to Fondu. It was a three course Fondu. Jenny appreciates good cheese, just another thing we share.

When we got there she had set up a photo booth. Because she’s cool like that: finding amazingly cool things to do on Pinterest or super trendy blogs I’ve never even heard of. It was like a real photo booth rental dallas

Did I mention that Jenny is Southern? Everytime I hang out with her the voice in my head takes on a comic Southern Drawl and Jenny’s particular coolspeak. It was just like we did a  photo booth rental fort worth . She’s so cool Ainsley will probably choose her to be a bridesmaid and have her do the photo booth for weddings.

I’m lucky to have such wonderful Sister Wife to share a parallel life. Truth!


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