Sexy News

by Tracee Sioux

Here’s one more reason to turn the TV off during the local news hour. No journalism experience, but plenty of modeling experience, this is the new “anchor” at an East Texas news station. All journalists with a college degree, apparently we wasted our time.

And this photograph is actual marketing for the news station complete with billboards on the side of the freeway. Apparently, the station was having such financial problems they have also signed a “reality show” deal to document this little sexualizing the news experiment. The non-stop details of violence wasn’t sexy enough for you? Now we should have the journalists dumbed down and showing lots of leg and cleavage?

Here’s the reality – you suck Channel 19.

I’m disgusted as a serious journalist, a woman, and the mother of a girl.

To watch me give my opinion on an issue on a competing station click here. Of course, it’s another sexy news topic.

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