Sexier 90210, BusRadio Ads


The CW – same network that shows Gossip Girl – is remaking 90210, from Beverly Hills 90210, the 1990s teen drama.


Only hotter, sexier, trashier. More today. More grown-up. More hot. In the 1990s, the girls got to wear jeans and sneakers. Now, very short skirts and very high heels.


I haven’t seen it. I don’t know if it’s trash-factor competes with Gossip Girl – which really, how can you out-trash Gossip Girl? I’m blushing from the idea of it.


I got an email from Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood asking me to send a letter so they would stop selling advertising to 90210 on Bus Radio. Bus Radio is the radio on school buses where they market to 1st graders as a captive audience on the way home from school. It’s the same concept as Channel One. Marketing 90210 to Primary Schoolers.

Am I the only one who is wondering why I should have to send a letter to notify Bus Radio that this is inappropriate?

What’s changed? Why is this allowed on Bus Radio in the first place? Where has good judgement gone?

Marketing and money. Evidently, we’ve given “The Market” carte blanc to advertise whatever they want, whenever they want, to whatever audience they want.

Great choice America.

This is deregulation in action.

I’m not a prude. If Gossip Girl was marketed to adult women on HBO, like Sex in the City, I might be a fan. But, Gossip Girl and 90210 is being directly marketed to children.

“Please take a moment to urge BusRadio to immediately remove all 90210 promotions from the website, including a trailer that teases several sex scenes and a banner ad, featuring the stars of the show in sexualized poses.

Your letter will be sent to BusRadio’s Co-Founders, Steve Shulman and Michael Yanoff.”

As parents, consumers and voters – it’s wrong to allow this kind of marketing to children. Click this link to tell them so.

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