New Form of Life – Felisa Wolfe-Simon

I was riding the elliptical machine at the gym when Felisa Wolfe-Simon came on three screens to report that she had discovered a new form of life at Mono Lake in California. She immediately captivated me. She was engaging and made her announcement by way of query and story.

This young woman, a NASA astrobiologist, has discovered a “new life form,” a microbe either formerly unknown to us or one that has mutated or evolved, so as to thrive on arsenic. She found it in Mono Lake in California. This is a profound scientific discovery that will change the way we think of something as fundamental as “what is life?”

While watching her animated story-telling and obvious passion for her work, I was a little in awe. It was like a breath of fresh air to see someone young and female captivate three networks to make her huge, exciting announcement of “new life.”

I bet she was feeling what new mothers feel when they look down on their newborn people, thinking “Wow. Brand New Life! Everyone Look!” I was sort of feeling like I imagine her own mother was feeling while watching her on TV, “Wow. New Life. Smart Girl. So proud of you, Iron Lisa!”

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