Respect RX Kits

Statistics from Respect RX:

• 1 in every 2 females worldwide has been abused during her lifetime.
• 50% of teens in serious relationships say they’ve gone against their beliefs to please their partner, including going further sexually than they wanted.
• 1 in 5 teens who’ve been in a serious relationship report being hit, slapped or pushed by a partner.
• 3 out of 10 teen girls become pregnant.
• 1 in 3 students drop out of high school.
• 4 in 10 teen boys have a criminal record.

Simply unacceptable. Don’t accept it. Change it.

Respect RX coaches teen girls and guys, adults and advocates to boost self-respect, relationship respect and respect for all.

Teen leaders, parents, church leaders, and schools can order a new Respect RX Kit for $225.

What you get is a fully design 6 to 18 week program (adjustable) which teaches teens to:

• use the Respect Basics to build self-respect and make healthy choices
• value themselves
• follow their passions
• set boundaries and speak up
• listen to their gut and compassionately listen to others
• create relationships based on mutual respect
• get help dealing with disrespect dilemmas, such as peer pressure, dating and domestic violence, bullying, negative body image, the “-isms” and other tough issues
• lead social change to create a better world where all people are respected

After completing just four sessions of our program, teens report notable outcomes:

• 98% of 500 teens surveyed understood the difference between respect and disrespect (up from 51% prior to the program)
• 90% of teens respected each other as equals (up from 65%)
• 82% felt equipped to make positive choices and act as role models (up from 42%)
• 94% said they feel more comfortable setting boundaries and speaking up (up from 70%)
• 81% said they will get help when they were disrespected or to achieve their goals (up from 42%)

Order your Respect RX Kit here.

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