Pro-Girl Book Part 11, The Perfect You


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It’s been my pleasure to share Ainsley, Perfect You with The Girl Revolution readers.

You may have different ideas about religion or God or the nature of the Universe. You may have alternative views about education. Your child will have different attributes and characteristics, and your worries about your children and their development may be different from my own.

Still, with editing and creativity you can make a book for your own child that will counter the onslaught of negative media and marketing our kids face today.

you have plenty of time to create a book of your own for Christmas using your favorite digital photo website like

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We’ll be discussing some difficult and complex issues shortly, as I’ve recently finished So Sexy So Soon, the new book about why our kids’ media has suddenly become so inappropriately hyper-sexual. I’ve also interviewed Rosalind Chait Barnett, PhD a nationally recognized expert on the impact of gender on work, school and other environments, and Emily J. Martin, a principal in an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit charging same-sex public schools with discrimination.

Please leave comments so I know you’re out there. I often wonder what everyone else thinks and comments are the only real indication I have of who you are and what you believe. What you think is important to me. I don’t have all the answers. I have some ideas and a lot of questions.

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