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Next Monday, Jan 12, I’m celebrating my 2 year Blogoversary by relaunching Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me. It’s going to have a fresh new look and the same great content, plus some other great features. I can’t wait. One of the main components will be to use YOUR daughter’s photos. Please read on to find out how you can create positive media for your daughter.

Check out Hazel or Lula rock climbing, one of the daughters of Vanessa from Am I doing Okay? Rock climbing the perfect metaphor for what we’re trying to teach our daughters they can do.

I’ve gotten some EXCELLENT and inspiring photos of girls doing really awesome things. It is obvious to me that parents are putting no limits on their daughters, In fact they are making huge efforts to be sure their daughters know they can, in fact, do anything. It brings a lump of joy to my throat to see these wonderful and brave girls be themselves.

“Look out world!” that’s all I’ve got to say.

Please send more photos. Tell your friends.

This is an open call for photos of girls.

Girls of any ages, any size, any color, any religion, any ethnicity, any culture, doing anything you feel is empowering, including just be-ing.

I’m remodeling The Girl Revolution. For my header, I plan to get a Flickr plug-in, that will allow the header to feature 5-6 different photos of girls. They’ll pop up randomly out of an album that I’ll create using the photos submitted for that purpose. It will be a public flickr account.

I will also use the photos as “cover art” on my features and stories (see that picture at the top, that’s what I consider “cover art.”) IF you are a blogger I love to link to your blog in the photo caption on the days that I run your daughter’s feature photo with a feature story. You do not have to be a blogger to submit photos of the girls in your life.

I will not run identifying information about any girls, no last names, no locations, no school names.

I will also vow to use discretion and not post the photos of girls on controversial topics. For instance, I might write about eating disorders, but I promise not to post your daughter’s photo in any way that implies she has one. If I ever run your daughter’s photo on a story that makes you uncomfortable please email me and I will immediately remove it.

I reserve the right to reject any photo for any arbitrary reason.

I will need permission and copyrights to publish the photos. If she’s not your daughter, you need to send me permission from her parents.

Please copy and paste this paragraph into an email with the low-resolution, internet-ready photo attached:

I give permission for Tracee Sioux to publish my daughter’s photo on her empowering girls website. I understand the photos will appear randomly by computer generation in the header and may appear as cover art for a feature story for an unlimited time. I understand that no identifying information will be given about my daughter beyond her first name.

Send to

If you’re a blogger, please include whether you would like your blog linked in the caption on any cover art.

Thank you so much for sending me photos of your wonderful girls!

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