Oh Sh!t, We're Moving In 4 Weeks!

The best news ever – we’re moving to Northern Colorado.

Pardon me as this hits me like a wave of panic and overwhelm – we’re moving in like four weeks.

We don’t really have a place to live yet.

Our home in Texas has not sold.

I don’t have a job in Fort Collins yet.

We are not packed.

We haven’t had a garage sale.

We haven’t found a renter.

This is quite similar to the times I moved to Sauliai, Lithuania, Morro Bay, California, Longview, Texas, New York, New York and then Longview again.

You’d think I’d be so practiced at it, that I’d be immune to the paralyzing waves of panic and overwhelm in the face of an unknown future.

As the tears spill over I realize, I’ve neither grow immune nor accustomed to the looming, scary unknown.

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