Oh Misoka

A few regular readers of The Girl Revolution have their own secret blogs. Sit At My Table is written by a lovely woman who has become my virtual friend, but she won’t let me sing her name. She’s on My Team. You’re going to love her poignant poetry.


I trundled through, ticking off a thousand grown-up things,
and then I looked up and you were nearly gone:
just at the edge of the frame,
humming scarlet.
I am grabbing at your coattails now, skinning my knee,
but you are gone and went.
It’s never too late though. You’ll be here tomorrow, ready to play,
a new year, a new slate, a jar of soft paintbrushes
and all the silver tubes plump with every colour that ever was.

(Omisoka is the Japanese word for New Year’s Eve, when this post was originally published.)

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