Obesity & Late Puberty for Boys

According to an article, Puberty gap: Obesity splits boys, girls on MSNBC.com, new studies have indicated that the current obesity epidemic among children is causing boys to hit puberty later than previous generations.

Girls appear to be hitting puberty one to two years earlier than previous generations.

Theories on what might cause late puberty in overweight boys center on hormones produced in fat cells. Obese males have higher levels of estradiol, a relative of estrogen that may interfere with the male hormone androgen, states the article.

One doctor also provides parents with the solution to early or late puberty in their children:

At a time when so many children are overweight, parents should be more concerned about obesity than puberty, said Dr. Laura K. Bachrach, a professor of pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

“They should be worried about the food they’re putting on the table.”

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