Obama Budget Includes Family Leave Insurance

The proposed United States Budget, currently before Congress, includes a little-publicized, no-drama, brilliant piece of funding and legislation.

This is brilliant.

This is long overdue.

Currently, in the United States of America many disability insurance programs do not include pregnancy or birth, nor are they legally required to. Never mind that you’re not medically allowed to work for six to twelve weeks due to the fact that you pushed a human out of your vajayjay or the fact that they cut your stomach open to remove a future tax-payer, before sewing it back up. It’s currently legally allowed for employers to say, “too bad for you new mama.

This causes unnecessary plunges into poverty for young families, increases the abortion rate, increases gender wage gaps, and discourages people from having children.

The President’s budget proposes a grant program which would cover the start-up costs if a state decides to start a family leave insurance program.

This empowers girls in two ways – first, their mothers and families benefit now by having mothers who are allowed paid leave to give birth to them, care for them, and bond with them during their first months as Citizens of the United States. Second, we as parents and citizens, acknowledge that many of our daughters will take advantage of family leave insurance programs when they themselves begin having children and taking time off work.

It is our obligation to our children to make it easier for our daughters to pursue both work and family.

Societies that value families and value motherhood provide the necessary support to mothers and families.

To write your legislator to encourage this portion of the bill be included in the final budget please click over to Momsrising.org. It takes two minutes to change the work/life balance of current and future generations of new moms and young families.

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