Not-Dreaded Period. Spiritual Gift


Never say “dreaded period” again!

It is not dreaded. At all.

It is a lovely gift of heightened women’s intuition. It sets us on our Soul Path. It allows one’s inner wise woman to speak louder and be heard, because one feels more quiet and slow. That’s my latest theory about early puberty. That girls simply need the heightened intuition and meditative going inside that the menstrual cycle offers us a couple of years sooner, because they are bombarded with more choices, more outside influences and more media telling them the wrong things about who they really are.

The menstrual cycle is about our reproductive cycles in the sense that it comes from our second chakra, our womb space – that of CREATION – that human element of us that is most like God.

To create we have to clean out the old crap we’re holding on to and our menstrual cycles allow us to do that. PMS is the sane, oh so sane, process of recognizing shit we don’t want in our lives. We take it out on husbands and children because they are the humans who most cross our boundaries. It’s the feeling guilty about slapping those boundaries in place that makes the natural normal emotional process of PMS so horrid for us. But, the boundaries are blessings.

If you really want to go there you should check out this brilliant woman, Miranda Grey of Red Moon who writes books (and has resources for girls to implement this in their lives as well) about how to USE our menstrual periods to become more efficient and live happier lives. I have The Optimized Woman and that has both changed the way I viewed my period (which has barely registered as a nuisance in my life). It has also drastically changed the way I want to share the blessing and joy of a period with Ainsley.

She writes about how there are optimum times during the month in which women are able to do things best. She breaks it down into 4 weeks: Expressive Phase (ovulation, passive and outgoing), Creative Phase (PMS, active), Reflective Phase (menstruation, we are not more open to meditation, we literally become meditation) and the Dynamic Phase (pre-ovulation, active).

What does Ainsley need to know? That her period is about biology and that it is natural, normal, healthy and all the biology about the sperm and egg and how to manage it and take care of herself. But, more importantly, that her period is a Spiritual Gift that heightens her ability to perceive bullshit and know which course of action is best for her. That all the marketing around menstruation products – the smelliness, the grossness, the PMS medication, the weight gain, the irritability is just a load of marketing crap – meant to make her feel bad so she’ll spend more money on their products. That there are certain times when she will feel more like going out and more like being intimate, and then there are times when she’ll get a hell of a lot more done and other times, while she is on her period, when she is meant to rest, meditate, cleanse herself and go inside. Don’t fight those times. Use them to her advantage and accept them as the spiritual gifts and the start to her soul’s path that they are.

On Red Moon is a resource PDF for young girls, Moon Magic for Girls, to help you share the Spiritual Gift of her monthly moon cycle with her. Midol and Tampax have been around for a few decades.

A woman’s menstrual cycle has been around since the dawn of time, it’s time we go back into our sacred feminine heritage and reclaim it for ourselves and our daughters.

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