Mothers of Intention

Two of my The Girl Revolution posts are in Joanne Bamberger’s wonderfully acclaimed Mothers of Intention, 10 Things I Freaking Love About Sarah Palin and The Work Mothering Cohesiveness of Sarah Palin.

What I love about Mother’s of Intention is that Bamberger has chosen to include posts from women of all political leanings. There are posts from moderate voters, liberal feminist voters, conservative voters and I’m sure you could find a Tea Partier in the mix.

The point of the book is that women are political, have great insights into the political process, have firm opinions on who they want their political leaders to be and what behavior they want them to exhibit, what policies they would like to see on the war, economics and for human welfare and rights.

The book and Bamberger’s research illustrates once and for all that women do not, as previously was assumed, resign their political opinions when they become mothers. Motherhood, instead enhances women’s political activism, giving them something tangible – their children – to fight for in the political arena.

The book is wonderfully written and designed, it’s passionate about who women are and gives women voice. The posts she has chosen to include are insightful, thoughtful and passionate. These women truly are Mothers of Intention.

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