Missing Views

by Tracee Sioux

This is the view I was missing by going to the gym every day. Isn’t it fantastic?

Honestly, my life to 33-years-old was not about health. One day I looked at my little family and realized every one of us had a medium-sized weight problem. Well, it wasn’t exactly one day – I mean, my husband had been complaining for years and I was ignoring it until my pregnancy phase was over. Then Ainsley’s doctor said she was on the border of having a weight issue. Even the baby was so fat I needed to lift weights to pick him up (but, it’s cute on a baby).

If a plane gets into trouble they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Otherwise, you will render yourself incapacitated and there will be no one to save your children.

I find this method to be useful for other things like creating habits and instituting change in behavior and attitude.

First I got a gym membership and spent a year developing a habit of exercise for the first time in my life. I changed my attitude about it and learned to love it.

I established a clear connection in my brain that said exercise was a real part of our lifestyle before I felt I could give up the gym membership and venture out walking with my kids.

We’re up to an easy two miles now. And it’s a piece of cake. It’s great bonding time and great talking time. Check out the view I was missing!

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