Millionaire Women Next Door Parents


Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen has a list of attributes, habits and characteristics that highly successful women’s parents share.

Looked at another way, parents can use this list to increase our daughters’ odds of becoming financially independent. Financial independence is the force (rather than greed or consumption) driving the majority of self-made millionaire women.

1. Harmony/Empathy

  • Teach her to have empathy for the needs of others
  • Run a well-organized household
  • Provide a home atmosphere filled with love and harmony
  • Have great respect for spouse and children
  • Regularly attend religious services

2. Initiative/Leadership

  • Encourage her to take initiative
  • Encourage her to be a creative thinker
  • Teach her to have empathy for the needs of others
  • Teach her never to follow the crowd
  • Encourage her to take leadership roles in school

3. Happiness/Satisfaction

  • Have a strong love life
  • Rarely complain
  • Be optimistic always

4. Independence

  • Give her responsibility early in life
  • Encourage her to earn her own spending money
  • Teach her the importance of saving and investing
  • Strictly discipline

5. Responsiveness

  • Always have time to listen to her opinion
  • Always use positive incentives to encourage her to achieve
  • Do not threaten her with harsh punishment if she earns a bad grade
  • Rarely, if ever, cold or indifferent to her.
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