Michael Jackson 8th Birthday Party

Ainsley fell in love with Michael Jackson – his dance moves, his music, his celebrity and fame – when she was mass-exposed to his art on television, print and radio media when he passed away. Please see Michael Jackson & Plastic Surgery.

michael jackson cake sm

We’ve been watching Cake Boss, Cake Off and Ace of Cakes as a family. Ainsley decided she had to have a Michael Jackson Cake for her 8th birthday. We spend hours surfing the net for a perfect photo to use as a frosting picture. I found someone on ebay who would ship us an edible photo.

michael jackson 8 b-day 7 sm

We special ordered a hand cookie cutter, music note cookie cutters and dragees (the little candy silver balls) and fondant. Michael Jackson’s infamous glove is my favorite part of the design. The edible frosting photo is a close second. We used some tongs and a cup to make the microphone. The planning is as fun for Ainsley as the party.

michael jackson 8 b-day 6 sm

It took two entire days to make this Michael Jackson cake. The first day we baked the cakes and cookies. The second day we frosted and decorated. We licked spatulas, spoons, bowls and mixer utensils galore. Everyone knows cake batter and cookie dough tastes infinitely better than the cooked product.

micheal jackson 8 b-day 9 sm

It’s black, It’s white. Oooooh!

michael jackson 8 b-day 13 sm

Of course, she asked for a poster of Michael Jackson.

micheal jackson 8 b-day 16 sm

She was thrilled to receive a 1992 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour.

My in-laws sat through the whole thing. Because they love her. Also, they are Clown Missionaries, so who are they to judge? (Yes, I said Clown Missionaries, visit their website, Beyond Ourselves to find out more.)

I have sat though the whole concert once and danced through the whole thing twice more – because Family Dance Party is both fun and great exercise.

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