Merry Me. Merry You?

I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours:

Ainsley performed in her annual Christmas Pageant. This year they took the show on the road and sang and danced and played instruments at a nursing home.

This is her first dance solo.

We baked cookies for Santa. I don’t know where she gets that attitude.

Barbie upstaged the guitar. Body image was balanced out by juxtaposing Hispanic dark-haired Gabriella of High School Musical with larger than life Tracy Turnblad of Hairspray.

Crush was accounted for with Zac Afron as Troy of High School Musical. Zac does pair with both of them in the respective movies.

Zack and Ainsley got a kitchen – previously owned by The Joneses.

We’re keeping it in Zack’s room because he has more available space.

They equally love it.

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