Meaningfully Frugal Christmas Tip #2

You will have many choices this Christmas.

Some of them suck.

They come with bells and whistles and have fancy price tags. Many come down to a choice between lazy and expense or economy and real value.

Let’s practice:

Choice 1

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle, $74.48.

For the really paranoid parent who deems the actual joy of bike riding as “too dangerous.” This parent watches too much news and thinks the boogie man or a life-threatening boo boo is around every corner.

Come on folks – did exercise become a burdensome chore when you were on your bike as a 7 year old feeling the wind in your hair wondering just how fast you could go? Or when you started forcing yourself to exercise indoors – going no where? Just think – you won’t even have to take the training wheels off. It’s like that old saying,

It’s like learning to ride a bike – wait, kids don’t do that anymore.

There’s a childhood obesity epidemic so exercise is a big deal – or haven’t you heard? You think more television and video games is the solution?


I chose real bikes. It comes with all sorts of experiences and joys your child will remember forever.

Ainsley got a new bike for her recent birthday because she had outgrown her old one.


Zack is getting this used bike we got at a garage sale for $5.

Because he’s 2 years old and he’s not addicted to new packaging. He just wants a bike like his big sister. Five dollars people.

I’m asking Santa for a $15 padded bike seat. Because my $7 garage sale bike is awesome – except evidently adults get “bike ass.” Bike riding is fantastic family time and you know what – it is Fun Exercise.

Choice 2


LeapFrog® Tag Reading System, $49.99.

A pen that actually reads FOR your kid.

You know cause actually learning to read has been deemed technologically obsolete.

It will also alleviate any obligation you have of sitting down and teaching your child to read – or more importantly sitting down and teaching them the value of reading as a way to learn, entertain one’s self, explore the world, relax,

do well in school or perform in a job.

It’s no biggy – just buy this pen. It will do all the work for you.

Myself? I’m going to get my kids some well-cared for used books. Do you know how many used books I can get for $50? Heck at some garage sales and thrift stores they go for 50 cents a piece. I’ll get them 5-10 to share for a mere $5 and they will be so happy and grateful!


Ainsley was the first kid in her class to become a Read-a-Saurus this week. She was proud. I was proud. But, best of all she loves reading. Cause it’s freaking fun that’s why and books are our prized possessions not expensive pens that read FOR us.

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