Meaningfully Frugal Christmas Tip #11

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Santa’s cookies are made . . .

So let’s talk about stuff. Presents. Gifts under the tree.

Santa is bringing Mp3 players. Ainsley is getting an ipod Shuffle. New. She’s getting the one from the Product (Red) Campaign so part of the proceeds went to Aids medication in Africa. Zack is getting one that looks like those old Fisher Price tape players that he can carry around and work himself.

If you spend 2 years dedicatedly writing about girls there comes with it a perk or two. I held the perks back for Christmas morning.

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A special thank you to Terry Candee, from GoGo Glue Gun Fun,who sent a doll from of her Quirky Dolls Design-A-Doll Kits from her Etsy store.

Ainsley will also receive a Mandaloob Book Set, a stuffed animal, book,and jewelry from The Precious Girls Club, a flower necklace from Lia Sophia Jewelry.

A Genuine Thank you to every company who helps support this website and every company who makes products appropriate for girls.

Sure, it’s easy to be frugal when people send you free stuff right?

Absolutely true. But, it’s also easy to be frugal when they don’t.

Quite a few of the other items under our tree are from thrift stores and garage sales and I feel just as good about those.

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I scored Ainsley this giant set of Tinker Toys for $1.50. It’s value on Amazon is $199.

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Zack is getting this real cowboy hat, retail value $40. I paid $2 and it’s never been worn.

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I paid $1 for this brand new Melissa & Doug farm animal puzzle. Retail value, $9.99.

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I’m especially excited about this Thomas Travel Tote, retail $21.99.

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It’s FULL of trains that retail $10 to $25 each. There’s a little wear on some of the trains – a boy before him loved them much. He’s 2, he doesn’t care. I paid $3 for the whole set!


And let’s not forget there’s a $5 bike. He’s gonna love it!

If we paid retail value for all this stuff we’d be paying our credit cards off until 2020. That is not going to bring joy to our family or the world.

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s a little late to change your Christmas strategy now. Except Christmas comes every. single. year. on. the. exact. same. day.

Now – this year – is the perfect time to gently announce that you’re not going to give individual gifts to the extended family, but you’d be willing to do white elephants or draw names between adult siblings’ families next year.

Now. While their blood pressure is souring after spending too much money on gifts for you and yours. While they’re worrying about the credit card bill that’s going to come in 3 weeks.

I’m gonna tell you it feels delicious to start the New Year with a clean slate instead of behind on the bills. THAT is priceless.

Because it takes a few months and some planning to find these perfect gems at garage sales, now is the right time to decide that next year – next Christmas is going Meaningfully Frugal.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Merry Christmas!

More on this at Boycott Christmas in July.

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