Man Up And Mean Girl On Pepsi?


Did you know that Pepsi products like Amp Up are the leading cause of death in young men, causing cancer and early onset impotence?

Just trying to think up an appropriate response to their foul and disgusting new iPhone App, “Before You Score.”

The App allows men to identify the “type” of girl he’s trying to score with, keep a list of girls like the old-fashioned bed post, and share the details with friends – details like phone numbers, photos, addresses –  like a digital bathroom stall wall.

I’ve gotten lots of mail about this. From mothers, from men raising daughters.

I’ve got a few ideas on what we can do to stop it, but they involve things like boycotting Pepsi products. A boycott on only Amp Up won’t really be effective – because it’s primary customer is young men.

Is it too much to expect young men themselves to be disgusted by this and stand up to Pepsi, chivalrously, on behalf of their girlfriends, wives, sisters and daughters? I sometimes get accused of hating men. I don’t.

I’m am disappointed in them for not standing up for girlfriends, wives, sisters and daughters when a company like Pepsi objectifies all women like this.

Male peer pressure is the most effective way to reduce objectification of women, violence towards women and child molestation.

My talking on this website isn’t nearly as effective.

I’m left with options like – Let’s go Mean Girl on Pepsi Co.

Twitter this and pass it around until they take the App down: Pepsi products are main cause of death and early onset impotence in young men,

Maybe some men will be persuaded to be less disappointing and stand up for the women and girls in their lives. Maybe some girls and women will demand some respect from the men in their lives.

Read more on, and WSJ Online.

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