Law of Attraction & Relationships: Love Stretches Across the Whole Wide Universe

Sometimes I remember someone from way back, or think of someone across the entire planet from me, and I marvel at the feeling I get.

I feel love from and for this person stretching thousands of miles. Maybe my grandma, an old lover. Perhaps a good friend who’s been out of touch.

Across time for decades, with hundreds of milestones in between and many experiences since past.

And Yet, the love is clearly there.

And you can feel it so well you can almost touch it. Even if you really never want to speak to the person or see them again. The love remains.

I often feel my first husband’s love stretch across the Universe. I know always, every-second-of-the-day, that my Grandmother loves me fiercely and sweetly. I feel, sometimes, the affection of an old boyfriend or long-since gone friends. And it makes me feel . . . well, loved. Knowing they are well-wishing me from afar.

Other times you can be sitting right next to someone who is “supposed” to love you and feel completely and entirely that there is no love there. And sometimes you can pretend that you don’t feel the lack of it for months, years, even decades.

I ponder that sometimes.

And sometimes when I meet someone that I haven’t seen for 10 – 20 years I can’t get over the fact that they still look like them. Seeing people who were once 20 who are now 40 and they still look exactly like themselves. It astounds me every time. Maybe they’ve aged, but it’s invisible to me. It’s like I’m remembering who they really are. Which is a profound feeling to have. Like the big long elastic of time and space constricts, pulling you closer together for a minute, and there they are – as them as ever – still connected to me in that way that you might call friendship or love.

I’ve been reading Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh and in it God says that time is like layers of paper, one on top of the other on a spindle. He says it’s vertical and all time and experiences are happening simultaneously. (S)He says that we travel between the papers – time periods – during our dream state. He says this is what a deja vu is and it also explains that feeling you get when you wake up and the dream was so real and had so much clarity that you feel it and that sometimes when you wake up exhausted it’s because you’ve been time traveling.

My brain can hardly comprehend this, but they are wondrous things to ponder.

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