Little Miss Sunshine

by Traces Sioux

Every parent of a daughter should see Little Miss Sunshine.

It’s the story of a normal girl, Olive, from a dysfunctional family scrambling to get their hands on the American Dream.

Olive’s aunt entered her into a beauty pageant and she placed as a runner-up. The winner couldn’t make it to the California Little Miss Sunshine Pageant, so Olive gets in at the last minute.

Olive wants it, so the family drives their beat-up VW van across the country. When confronted with the complete insanity of what little girl beauty pageants have come to, both brother and father have serious misgivings about allowing Olive to compete.

This is a funny and entertaining flick. It’s also a poignant commentary about the sexualization of girls and the importance our culture places on beauty as success.

Little Miss Sunshine is disturbing, but then so is what we do to girls in our culture.

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