Law of Receiving

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There’s a spiritual and universal law, The Law of Receiving, that says if you want to attract something – say a tribe of people who want to revolutionize what it means to be a girl around the world through a blog and book titled The Girl Revolution – then you can’t shut the door simultaneously.

You must be open to receiving what you want and accept whatever uncontrollable and unforeseen consequences come with it. That’s where we get the phrase, “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

Sometimes we shut the door without meaning to and sometimes we do it to protect ourselves from something we fear: criticism, the spotlight, success, failure, public failure, rejection.

I’ve a wonderful friend who has been looking for a job in a new profession. Except she hasn’t updated her resume’s contact information and she’s not sending them to potential employers. Something about it terrifies her. She’s simultaneously blocking what she is attracting. She’s not ready to receive it.

I’ve been simultaneously attracting success and traffic for The Girl Revolution and blocking success and traffic with incorrect deep linking. I fear criticism, success, failure and the spotlight. I work on it.

About a month ago, maybe only a few weeks, I painstakingly recoded all the deep links from my Blogspot blog. Every lousy one of them was wrong when I made the transfer to WordPress. That was almost a year ago. The task seemed too unbearable to do for, like, 9 months. Absurd? Maybe.

Yesterday, I realized I’d inadvertently left an incorrect back-slash on all the deep links I fixed.

One can, absolutely, block the Law of Attraction, with an improper back-slash. And not even know she’s doing it.

I fixed them all yesterday. And hopefully, I’m ready to attract the traffic and success the issues surrounding parenting girls deserve. I believe these issues deserve a lot of attention.

Click on some of my fixed deep links. There are three-and-a-half years of in-depth analysis of girlhood and how we can revolutionize it on The Girl Revolution.

Email me if you come across another problem with the links.

Also, it might be a good idea to look at your own life – as the new year approaches – and see if there are any slammed doors, incorrect back-slashes, outdated resumes or old beliefs that are blocking what you’re trying to attract.

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