Last (Lovely) Glimpse of Halloween 2008


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Bride of Frankenstein



Ok, I’m no longer taking entries in the contest. I’ll give you a few hours to leave comments voting on all the entries I published over the weekend and then I’ll announce the winner of the Seagate Go Portable Hard Drive.

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    Here’s a photo of us: We’re Chinese. Picked them up in San Francisco’s Chinatown this summer.

    halloween contest 1.jpg

    I also took a photo of the town’s costume contest and here’s what I can report.

    The little girls were not dressed provocatively or in an overtly sexual way.

    There were Princesses, Hannah Montanas, Super Womans, Gabriellas, and Charpeis, Cowgirls and Indians, etc. And while they were very “pretty” and “beautiful” and overtly “feminine” and “girly” – they were also modestly dressed.

    Pretty, beautiful and overtly feminine and girly do not equate to “sexy,” “provocative,” “slutty,” “hootchy” or “sexual.”

    I saw 2 very provocative costumes on older teenagers (their mothers were likely hiding at home in shame and horror) and one inappropriately short minidress on a mother who dragged that black velvet dress from her own adolescence, I’m sure. (I had one in the ’90s too.)

    I realize my small East Texas town isn’t indicative of the whole of America so I’m curious – did you see inappropriately dressed little girls? What about them struck you as inappropriate?

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