Creating a Vision Board: “Just” a Word

I am working on consciously choosing my thoughts in order to fully participate in co-creating (God being the original and constant creator) my experience on this planet.

One hindrance to creating what I want lies in the word “just.” It’s a pattern in my speech and thought that I have noticed is prevalent.

Ask and you shall receive.

Matthew 7:7

This being a law, words are so vital to our creation process that they actually created the entire Universe from the beginning to this very second.

As if bargaining with creation itself, I just. . .

I just want enough to get by.  

just want a great work-from-home job with health insurance and a 401K making a decent wage. 

If I only had $30,000 I could get out of debt and proceed down the path I want to go on. 

These thoughts and comments and requests sound innocuous enough. They’re deadly limiting.

don’t just want enough to get by. “Getting by” is a real shitty way to live. It’s limiting and it’s a struggle. It does not allow me to expressed my highest desires, ambitions and my full potential. It keeps me stuck in a lousy hand-to-mouth experience. Asking for this requires the Universe to put obstacles in my path to prevent me from doing more than just getting by. 

I don’t just want a great work-from-home job with a living wage and benefits. My ultimate goal, my vision for myself is enormously greater than that. It’s far more expressive. Just having this means to live is not my true vision. I’ve asked the Universe not to include a bad-ass book deal with a lucrative advance and an extensive marketing plan. I’ve asked the Universe not to give me a lavish income, but limited it to supplying me with a mere decent wage.

If I only had $30,000 I would only have $30,000. My current responsibilities already exceed this self-imposed limitation. An expansive thinker asks for $300,000 or $30 million. Also, this request requires me to wait until $30,000 drops into my lap for me to proceed down my path. It is simply not true that I can’t take one step, and two steps, then three steps, and a leap, then a jump down my path with the resources already in my possession.

What I really want is enough financial freedom to move freely in my life; to purchase the things I want and desire and need; to create a solid, comfortable home and expansive experiences for my children; to relax knowing that God is the Source and Supply of all prosperity and abundance that enters my life and {I typed “just” here} rest in that; to be prosperous enough that I can easily achieve my highest calling and dream even bigger.

If only I could just replace limited thinking. . . then I could create (maybe even a vision board, perhaps) everything I want. Right?

What’s your limiting thought habit?

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at  She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at

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