Hot Princes

By Tracee Sioux

I saw Princes William and Harry on The Today Show. Wow, they turned out HOT!

As a Femimommy who is adamantly Anti-Princess, does that mean I have to be Anti-Hot Prince? I even caught myself fantasizing that if I couldn’t have them, maybe Ainsley could. Isn’t that just wrong?

My last significant memory of these princes is of little boys grieving over their mother, Princess Diana. My daughter is fascinated with Diana, by the way. I’ve encouraged this as a way to get her interested in political dynamics and how governments work, never too early for that, I say. Ainsley was fascinated by the idea that there are real princesses, but she’s very taken, as we all were, with Diana. She’s not interested in Caroline or Fergie, but she can spot Diana pictures and loves to point them out. The boys were promoting a big Diana tribute concert, 10 years after her death, airing July 1, also on NBC.
Watching these boys be interviewed was intriguing. They seem to have the same characteristic Diana had and to be able to captivate the way she did. There really seemed to be very little Prince Charles in them. Well the older son and future King of England, William did seem to be more reserved and stiff than “bad boy” Harry. If I were picking a prince, it’d be Harry for me, I mean Ainsley.

Diana’s genetics certainly had a positive impact on the Royal Family’s looks that’s for sure. These are big, sexy, tall, good-looking almost men.
Their on Dateline too, DVR that.
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