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Let There Be Light & Real Princes


When I hear the global reality of girls and women from Nicolas Kristoff and the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, it is hard for me not to hate men.

I hope I never understand the hatred that makes men behave in such a vicious, vile and evil way towards the sacred feminine of the earth.

I take a breath and remind myself that screaming at the dark never, ever diminishes the dark.

The only way to sooth my soul is to bring light to the darkness. Visit Oprah.com’s For All Women Registry for ways to be the light in the world. I love that it costs the equivalent of a dinner out to be an International Diplomat.

I remind myself I have to focus on the good men. The ones who save, defend and protect the feminine of the world. Nicholas D. Kristof is my definition of a Prince.

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  1. Alesia says:

    I’m was listening to this on my iPod this morning while I did the dishes, and I had to stop to wipe my tears several times. It’s sickening, and I think it feels especially so when you have a daughter. But as they say in the book, you also need to think about the success stories. I’m just astounded by the strength of some of the women they wrote about who were so abused and who went on to be so productive. Women amaze me.

  2. Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth says:

    Tracee, I wish you could be here next week when our alum crew from Women Leaders for the World descends throughout the globe to honor this year’s new tribe of women leaders for 2009 with a grand finale Friday for GWLN.org “Holding up half the sky” via fundraiser. It’s going to be SO inspiring! I’ll be blogging about it on Shaping Youth along w/turning the spotlight on one of our own: Michealene of Tapestries of Hope.com (Betty Makoni’s Girl Child Network documentary about the horrific rapes in Zimbabwe) —it IS amazing to see the resilience and healing in such unimaginable circumstances…Michealene also wrote ‘This is not the life I ordered’ about her own abuse scenario and I’d love to send a copy to you for Christmas as a thank you for being such a great friend of our lil’ fledgling org! DM me w.your snail mail as I bought a few to support her fabulous work!

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