Let There Be Light & Real Princes


When I hear the global reality of girls and women from Nicolas Kristoff and the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, it is hard for me not to hate men.

I hope I never understand the hatred that makes men behave in such a vicious, vile and evil way towards the sacred feminine of the earth.

I take a breath and remind myself that screaming at the dark never, ever diminishes the dark.

The only way to sooth my soul is to bring light to the darkness. Visit Oprah.com’s For All Women Registry for ways to be the light in the world. I love that it costs the equivalent of a dinner out to be an International Diplomat.

I remind myself I have to focus on the good men. The ones who save, defend and protect the feminine of the world. Nicholas D. Kristof is my definition of a Prince.

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