Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

My daughter turned 6 yesterday. Six years I’ve been a mother and six years she’s been learning and developing on this earth.

Her birthdays make me a little sad. They’re full of joy, but that’s six years we don’t get to do over again. Six years that have passed and we can’t have them back. Silly? A little, but valid none-the-less.

As she grows older I reflect on the things I hope she’s learning. Last year, as I told you previously, I wrote her a book titled Ainsley, Perfect You. I want to share the foreword with you as a suggestion for what we, as mothers, should be teaching every daughter about herself.

A message to my daughter
that she IS, and always will be, enough.
Smart Enough
Beautiful Enough
Loved Enough
Strong Enough
Bright Enough
Witty Enough
Kind Enough
Generous Enough
Adventurous Enough
Compassionate Enough
Precocious Enough
Good enough to be the
Perfect Ainsley Sarah.

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