Girls Next Door

Talk about Parents Behaving Badly, I was watching The Girl’s Next Door, the reality show about Hugh Hephner’s harem. and I saw a very bad mother.

The girls were signing autographs and this woman had brought her two daughters, one about six-years-old and the other maybe 11 or 12. The three of them were so excited to meet their favorite TV personalities. The six-year-old was like, “Kendra is my favorite!” The nine-year-old was totally into Bridget and the mother enjoyed Holly.

What the hell is wrong with that mother? Does she not understand that these are PORNO reality stars she’s holding up as role models to her little girls? Playboy is still considered pornography right? If Playboy is the ambition of these young girls, is it such a far leap to full blown porn movies?

I also watched this stupid show called Sunset Tan briefly. (Nothing I really want to watch on Wednesday nights.) It’s another profession reality series about a tanning salon in LA.

This ridiculously superficial mother brought her 3rd-grade daughter in to get the best tan in the class. She literally spent $1,300 to have her daughter fry in a cancer-causing tanning bed and then get a spray tan. She bought every oil they sold because the sales guy told her This is the package Lindsay Lohan comes in for.

Do you want to look just like Lindsay Lohan, Mom kept saying. Make sure you get her cheeks really good, we want her to look as pretty as Lindsay Lohan. We need for her to be the prettiest girl in the class for her school pictures.

At the last minute the eight-year-old is standing in her bikini in front of some 30ish dude with a spray gun and she says, Mommy, I don’t think I want to do this.

Well, you have to. You have to be the prettiest girl in the class, Mom said, as she pushed her towards the gun.

That poor kid looked like a burned pumpkin when she was finished.

These are NOT empowering messages for our daughters. Young girls should not be so competitive about their prettiness in elementary school. Porn stars/Hugh Hephner’s kept women shouldn’t be held up as role models. DUH!

Get some perspective ladies.

P.S. I’m watching this trash – but my daughter is in bed.

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