Girl360 has potential to connect girls, ages 9 to 12, to historical women who have made a difference in the world.

We’re taking a fresh look at what some of the world’s fiercest women and girls have done or are doing, discovering the backstories behind our favorite boundary-pushers. We want to know who they are, how they did it and – newsflash! — what they were like when they, too, were tweens.

They choose a Girl-of-the-Month and do a feature interview with her. This month is Kendall Ciesemier, who founded of Kids Caring for Kids, a non-profit fundraiser for African AIDS, when she was only 11 years old.

Girl360 also features Herstory, a collection of book reviews with strong girl characters.

The travel section of the website focuses on girls, right now it’s Chicago. Stops include the WNBA team The Chicago Sky, Jane Adam’s Hull-House Museum, an art gallery featuring the work of women artists, female hot chocolate superstar chefs, and an aroma bar. Next month: San Francisco!

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